November 17, 2015

With the plastic bag ban going city by city, I was left wondering what to take to the store. Why was there not a fashionable yet environmentally friendly alternative to carry groceries in rather than my designer handbag?!?

All of our bags are made in the USA from 100% Cotton Canvas and individually screen printed in Los Angeles, California. Each bag is a unique piece of art that serves as the perfect accessory to your busy day!

Regram @reformation | Americans use 102 billion plastic bags a...

Regram @reformation | Americans use 102 billion plastic bags a year, enough to circle the equator 1,330 times if it laid end to end. Say NO to plastic bags and use a recyclable one instead. Let’s fill the world with cute totes instead and unite as #MOBmavens. ♻️ #myotherbag #jointhereformation #savetheplanet #reducereuserecycle